John Guven

Senior Geologist, iCRAG (Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences)

John Guven is a graduate from Trinity College Dublin. He spent most of his 25-year career working within the Irish Orefield, including many years as Chief Geologist at the Lisheen mine. In 2015 he joined the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG), a geological research group funded by the Irish State, the EU and industry that is dedicated to advancing the profile of the geosciences for economic and societal gain. In his current role John is responsible for directing and coordinating iGRAG’s Irish base metal related research that is focused on making new discoveries in Ireland

Finex ’18

FINEX ‘18 is the sixth in a series of biennial conferences bringing together financiers, innovators and explorers from major and junior companies.

Talks will cover developments in capital and commodity markets, mineral deposit science and innovation in exploration, from the standpoints of experts and professionals from banks, finance houses, stockbrokers, exploration and mining companies and contractors. FINEX is not an investment promotion forum but aims to provide a wider perspective on our industry.

FINEX is a non-profit event supported by sponsors and organised by members of MinSouth, the Applied Earth Science Division of IoM3, the AMA, the SEG and the Mineral Deposits Study Group of the Geological Society.